Terms & Conditions

When placing an order, you (the customer) agree to the following terms and conditions:

Your Order

You fully understand and agree that you will become a member of our development team at Mabuhay Network LLC, and that your device registration is provided as a free benefit of your membership. We reserve the right to revoke your membership at any time. You are not directly purchasing a UDID registration or app downloads. Your purchase covers the time and resources it takes for us to add you to our team and provide support.


You fully understand that we can only provide support for issues directly related to your device registration. We are under no obligation to assist you with obtaining or installing any software, and we are not responsible for any issues resulting from the installation thereof.


You fully understand that we are under no obligation to refund any order. Due to Apple's policies, a registration can't be removed once it has been submitted. If an order is refunded, the registration will be disabled.


You fully understand that we provide access to third-party software, and we are not responsible for any bugs or compatibility issues. We reserve the right to remove any software from our library for any reason. We do not condone the acquisition or installation of any software if such acquisition or installation constitutes theft. We will disable your access to our service if you repeatedly engage in copyright infringement.

Definitions Used

By "Signum", "We", "Us", "Our", we mean the Signum website as a whole, and the Mabuhay Network LLC business entity. By "You", "Your", we mean the user of the website, customer of Signum, viewer of content, and any other audience of Signum. By "Order", we mean a completed transaction, whereby payment has been processed fully and has been paid to Mabuhay Network LLC.

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